`You have been the life Savior for thousands and thousands of pets for years.
You have no idea how much you and your work are appreciated! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.`
` - M.
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We raised $2,100 at the
Big Give SA 2016 !!
Thank you to everyone who donated
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Removing a pet from the system/database

On this page you can remove the listing you had posted for your lost, found, or adoptable pet.
We do hope that the reason is that either your pet has come back home or that the adoptable pet now has a great new home.

If you are here because your pet has passed away or just has been gone too long .. our condolences.

There are a few different ways to remove a pet from the database. One way is by entering the email address that you used when you uploaded the pet. After entering your email address and clicking the 'look up pet' button you will be shown 4 or 5 pets. Choose your pet at that point and it will then remove the pet.

Your email address: